Ashland PA Real Estate and Homes For Sale in Schuylkill County PA 

Ashland is a borough in the northern end of Schuylkill County and is part of the anthracite coal region of eastern PA.  It was settled in 1850 and named after Henry Clay's estate near Lexington, Kentucky.  The current population is approximately 2,800 people. Ashland is home to the larger-than-life statue of Whistler's Mother, located on N. 3rd Street as one enters the town. It was built in 1938 as a result of the Work Projects Administration (WPA).  It is 8' tall, on a three-ton granite slab and honors "all mothers, past and present". Another favorite attraction in town is the Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine and Steam Train. The tour takes one down 1000' into a coal mine and is run by coal miners who can speak from  experience.